Tuesday, June 24, 2008


She:kon! Sheko:li!

This is the first time either of us is blogging about anything remotely personal, so we're excited to try this out and let you into a cultural journey that's very important to us both.

So who are we anyway?

Jessica Yee hails from Toronto, Ontario. At 22, I'm what some have called a "loud-mouth Mohawk", but I take it as a compliment since I'm extremely proud of our people and I stand up for what I believe in. I can be found in the sexual health world, using our culture to empower our youth, and reminding people that many of the concepts that the Western world takes claim on are actually INDIGENOUS! (like feminism, law, sexual education....) I love to dance traditional and listen to old, Iroquois songs.

Dennis Danforth Jr. or DJ as I'm typically known, comes straight from Oneida, Wisconsin. Oh sure, they usually call it Green Bay, but that's no where near as interesting as actually acknowledging some of the Indigenous people that live here. I'm almost a quarter of a century as Jessica likes to remind me, and I'm involved in my community on a teaching and mentorship level. I also sing with Elk Soldier and The Tribe.

We met in Yankton Sioux of all places and hooked it up Haudenosaunee styles. For real.
Borders won't stop us. In fact, they've only made our plight to be together stronger.

We're Native, we're youth, and we are so very blessed to be both.

We'll post more thoughts, emotions, and other musings as we get closer to the first day of our traditional diet, which is in.......10 days!!!

We'd love to hear your comments, feedback, and anything else you'd like to share with us along the way so please don't be shy.

All our relations,

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